Linda Bacon, PhD

inspiring a global transformation to a more just world,
where all bodies are valued,
and supported in compassionate self-care



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”Dr. Linda Bacon, a passionate and charismatic scientist and storyteller, is sparking discussion and revolutionizing how people think about their bodies. …More people need exposure to her transformative message. We urge you to consider Dr. Bacon… and give her greater opportunity to inspire others.”

Excerpted from a petition in process, initiated and distributed by community members and signed by hundreds, urging TED to give Linda a speaking platform.

What to expect

I am passionate about motivating change. With a rare dual perspective combining academic expertise and clinical experience, I am adept at providing a link between scientific research and practical application, bringing authority and compassion to my speaking. My personal history with an eating disorder provides important perspective and inspiration for my work. Consistently ranked as a top motivational speaker, I not only inspire, but move audiences to action.

My three graduate degrees in weight-related science help in my ability to cite research, analyze biomedical data, and back up everything I say with smart analysis. You will get that from me in a presentation. But I’m cautious too, to make sure that my allegiance to the so-called “hard science”, to the pathways and statistics, and charts and graphs, doesn’t mean that I lose track of the people at the heart of it all.

After years of working with others, through psychotherapy, nutrition counseling, as an exercise physiologist and a professor and researcher, I’ve come to understand the strategies that mobilize and inspire change, and have amassed a wealth of stories – my own and others – that help humanize the message.

When I speak to you and your group, you’ll feel my authentic presence. You’ll feel the empathy, understanding and compassion that developed from my own personal healing. And stories that engage you, make the data real, and offer concrete strategies for a way forward.

You’ll also feel my belief in you. My specialty is putting words to feelings that you probably already have, whether it’s a vague sense of disquiet that our current ideas around losing weight are ineffective or damaging, or a deeper, more developed awareness that we need a more just world.

I want to help you envision strategies for creating the life you want and the world you want, and to strengthen your confidence that you can make a difference.

Together we can be changemakers, each acting in our unique way to feel more fulfilled and transform this into a more just world where EVERY BODY can feel respected.

Audiences that benefit from my talks

  • Those focused on their own personal journeys toward embodiment and self-care;
  • Laypeople who want to learn, build community and develop their skills to spread a global message of body respect;
  • Students and Professionals who want to learn, improve their skills to guide and inspire others, and at the same time examine their own personal journeys.
  • Educational institutions, health and wellness programs and organizations, employee programs, professional and trade organizations, and more.

What I have to offer

I conduct seminars, trainings, keynotes, conference presentations, workshops and special events. My talks are both motivational and educational. I’ve done everything from 15 minute panel presentations to five day trainings. I customize my talk to YOUR needs and audience.

My range of experience includes:

  • Providing motivational talks for employee wellness programs, schools and community organizations
  • Keynoting eating disorder, health/medical, and social justice conferences
  • Conducting trainings for medical, dietetics, psychotherapy, and eating disorder clinics
  • Inspiring students to critical thought
  • and much, much more

My pledge to truth telling

My pledge not to accept money from the weight loss, pharmaceutical or food industry, signed when I was getting my PhD almost two decades ago, means I’m beholden to no one but truth and accuracy. It also frees me to be a whistleblower, uncovering behind-the-scenes influences, like the role of Big Pharma in establishing BMI guidelines, and the ways in which the Dietetics Industry stifles academic freedom in support of Big Food.

Get in touch

Let me know how you want to draw on my expertise, and how I can be most helpful and inspiring, and I’ll customize a talk that meets YOUR unique needs.

Check for availability

Or, fill out the contact box. Or, forward a pitch to your Human Resources Department, your department head, or whoever makes speaker decisions at your worksite, school, or community group. I look forward to that conversation that will follow.


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